2019  by Joseph Youngman and Phil Quenzi


Copper Country Audubon publishes two birding newsletters each year entitled the Brockway Lookout. The newsletter is produced by Dana Richter with contributions from other members and from the local community. It has a lot of local birding information and is quite useful. The fall 2019 newsletter with upcoming events can be seen here.  

Copper Country Audubon has three web cams in operation, two on the Portage Lake Lift Bridge between Houghton and Hancock and one on the Finlandia Jutila Center in west Hancock. Web cam access is on the Home Page. A pair of Great Horned owls have used the Jutila nest box for the past two years and raised two young each year. The peregrine falcons have been using the bridge nest boxes for many years and usually show up around mid March. This year (2019) the falcons successfully fledged four young from the south tower nest box, but one later died in a window strike while chasing prey. If anyone finds downed falcons or owls around any of the boxes please contact one of the local wildlife rehabilitators here or contact the police departments at Houghton (482-2121) or Hancock  (482-3102). If a downed bird is found put it in a warm, dark, quiet box with a towel on the bottom until one of the rehabilitators can respond. Do not offer it food or water.

Here are the Jutila owls having breakfast

shortly after the chicks hatched

Jutila male feeding chick and then being chased away by female