Manitou Island      Keweenaw County

In 2002 CCA sent several volunteers to Manitou Island in May to look at migration and in June and July to look at breeding birds.  We went back in the fall to look for migrants.  We sent small groups out 23 times between 2002 and 2016.  Each visit was only 3 to 6 days in duration and all observers volunteered their efforts.  A list of those volunteers is here ----

There has been a separate website on this Manitou Island Bird Survey and a link for that site is here

Joseph Kaplan and Youngman wrote up the results of the Manitou Island Bird Survey through 2009 in an article for Michigan Birds and Natural History.  

The Manitou Island Light Station at Manitou's east tip

Two moods

of Lake Superior   

from the west tip of Manitou looking past Gull Rock Lighthouse to the Keweenaw

A shift change in May 2006

From left Greg Cleary (sitting), Brian Johnson, Stewart Bentley, Marj Krumm, Mike Schiewe, Diane Raven

Sharp-shinned Hawk

Photo by Aaron Peterson

Smith's Longspur 2006

2019  by Joseph Youngman and Phil Quenzi