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Hebard Park - Keweenaw County Michigan

Hebard Park is a tiny township park on the Lake Superior shoreline about 3 miles west of Copper Harbor, Michigan.

It is one of the best places along the Keweenaw County shoreline for watching migrant fall waterbirds.   Its where several of us were first introduced to the phenomenon by the late Laurence 'Laurie' Binford who discovered the massive fall waterbird migration in the 1980's.  Copper Country Audubon has conducted three paid fall waterbird counts at Hebard Park.  In 2013 we had Louie Dombroski do a six day count in early October.  In 2014 we hired Louie to do a full three month fall waterbird count there and in 2017 we hired Gary Palmer to do a 26 day count at Hebard to give a comparison to the count Louie Dombroski was conducting 50 miles SW along the Keweenaw shoreline at Freda.    The differences between those two simultaneous  counts were very interesting and are given here  ----

The 2014 count by Dombroski was the basis for an article published in

the Journal of Great Lakes Research.  That pdf is available here  ---

Data from the short 2013 study is here  --- 

Hebard Park from the air


Hebard Oblique - Copy.jpg
P1050946 - Copy.JPG

View along the shore to East

The one and only,

Louie Dombroski.

P1050948 - Copy.JPG
P1050673 - Copy.JPG

A little shelter at Hebard Park that we added wind protection to.

November winds get COLD!

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