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Research Projects 

Copper Country Audubon has been funding modest research projects in the Lake Superior basin since 2002.  Almost all of these projects involved the study of bird migration in the area.

CCA has been involved in the study of raptor migration at Brockway Mountain near Copper Harbor since 2009 and continues to help fund that effort which is now run by the Keweenaw Bird Research Group, a separate organization.

Beginning in 2002 and continuing through 2016 CCA has funded migration studies at Manitou Island, off the tip of the Keweenaw peninsula.  In 2002 through 2005 extensive breeding bird work was done at Manitou as well.     A separate website has existed for years giving some of the Manitou Island Bird Survey story.  A link to that site is here -

Various CCA Projects   

You can click on the black map icons to learn more about each project

Lake Superior  - Copy.jpg
Fall Waterbird Migration Pathways smalle

This map gives my best estimation of the fall waterbird flyways across Lake Superior.

These arrows are based on the observations made on the many counts we've done since 2002.

The black, yellow and red arrows indicate the largest flyways.

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