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Our Latest Projects

We now have a modest article available on the Porcupine Mtns State Park page  under our "Research" page.  It gives some of the details of the raptor count done at the Porkies in 2019 by Ryne Rutherford.

We have both of our planned Keweenaw Motus sites up and listening for radio tagged migrant birds.  One is at the Calumet sewage ponds and the other on the Phoenix cliffs. The sites were up and running this spring. By fall we had 4 "hits" of birds detected by our receivers.  We had a Woodcock and Swainson's Thrush in spring and a Short-billed Dowitcher and Semi-palmated Plover in fall.

  We still have a link to the continent-wide Motus project.

In 2020 we conducted a two site waterbird migration count during the month of October.  We were lucky to hire Tim Baerwald and Alison Vilag to do the counts at the eastern tip of Manitou Island and at the AuSable lighthouse in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  We knew that there was a significant difference in abundance of certain species in the fall movement between the western and eastern portions of Lake Superior.  By comparing the data from Manitou and AuSable AND the data that the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory collects every fall we hope to strengthen our knowledge.   The data isn't all crunched and analyzed yet but we hope to have a full report up on our Manitou Island and AuSable pages by early 2021.            There is a report and some photos.

Joseph Youngman conducted a survey of Trumpeter Swans in the Keweenaw in 2020.  A few photos and a link to a report are in our Research section.

Local Webcams

CCA has sponsored three webcams in the Keweenaw.


Peregrine falcon web cam on the MTU EERC building.

Peregrine falcon web cam on the Quincy shaft house. 

The cam at Finlandia University's Jutila Center shows a nesting pair of Great Horned Owls.

Here are links to two birding resources for the Copper Country and Upper Peninsula.

Laurence Binford's book

Birds of the Keweenaw Peninsula

Scott Hickman's Checklist of Birds of the Upper Peninsula

Laurence Binford's list of

Birds of the Keweenaw Peninsula

At right, is Tim Baerwald conducting his waterbird count at Manitou Island in October of 2020.


Copper Country Audubon is involved with all things birding and conducts bird research in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Keweenaw peninsula and the Lake Superior watershed
All projects are funded by donations and Copper Country Audubon member dues only. Please donate (see about us page)

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